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Microvisions is an authorized
ComputerEase Software provider. Over 6,000
contractors have chosen ComputerEase
Construction Accounting Software and Project
Management Software. The best construction
software is easy to use and works the way you work.
Software that integrates Job Cost, Construction
Accounting, and Project Management with a remote
job-to office tool is the future for modern
construction software.

Job Costing

Do you find out too late that your jobs are over budget or past deadline? ComputerEase's Trouble Shooter helps you solve these problems. Developed by ComputerEase based on customer feedback, Trouble Shooter is a project management tool that helps you know what is going on, right or wrong, with your jobs.

Over 200 potential problems are tracked and analyzed by Trouble Shooter to help keep projects on budget and on time. Forget analyzing dozens of reports and crunching hundreds of numbers. Trouble Shooter gives you the power to save time and focus on areas where you can make more money.

Construction Accounting

Construction firms and contractors need a construction software solution that takes on challenges specific to their industry. Every contractor knows that the construction industry presents numerous unique accounting problems.

ComputerEase provides construction accounting software to contractors of every size and trade, from the small family owned business to the global enterprise construction company - ComputerEase makes accounting accurate and easy!

Project Management

More effective control begins with scheduling the job and all its required tasks. ComputerEase will determine your job schedule's critical path based on the dependencies set up in the activity list. As the job schedule progresses, you can revise dates as necessary and the schedule will automatically adjust dependent activities. Job scheduling reminders added to relevant activities will automatically tell you when it’s time to order materials, prepare billings, attend job meetings, and more.

With accurate job scheduling you'll schedule staff, crews and resources and be able to effectively plan your work. All of this translates into less down time "waiting" which results in dollars saved for you and your clients.

More Details!

A more comprehensive list of the features and applications of ComputerEase can be found here. When you partner with Microvisions for a ComputerEase software solution you will also receive first-in-class help and support from Microvisions expert and knowledgeable staff. The combination of ComputerEase and Microvisions gives your company an edge that others envy.