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About ComputerEase About ComputerEase

Bob Mattlin, CPA, founder and owner of ComputerEase Software, comes from a family background in construction and a personal background in accounting.

ComputerEase was founded in 1983 from a blended knowledge of accounting and construction. The company was built to provide software that improves the way contractors run their businesses, meeting the unique challenges of construction accounting head-on. Since that time, ComputerEase Construction Software has grown to be the industry leader in innovative construction management and accounting solutions for contractors of all sizes. Today, more than 6,000 contractors use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits.

Innovative Products

Since 1983, ComputerEase has developed cutting edge, integrated construction accounting and project management software. The company was one of the first construction software developers to incorporate features like executive dashboard reporting for at-a-glance decision making.

ComputerEase stays on the forefront of product development by adding easy-to-use new features that solve the everyday problems that come with the construction industry. When we release a new product or feature, our clients understand that it’s not just a cool toy or gadget, but a real innovation that will help their businesses become more efficient and profitable.

Experienced People

At ComputerEase, the client always comes first. We take pride in the peerless level of customer support we provide. This service level is possible because 100% of the ComputerEase support, training, and implementation staff have experience in the construction industry.

You can’t truly help a contractor until you’ve walked in his shoes. It is essential to understand concepts like bid day, projected cost, prevailing wage, work in progress, retainage, certified payroll, and AIA billings when you’re walking a client through a software implementation or support issue.

The ComputerEase Difference

There are many decent construction accounting systems on the market today, but four key differentiators catapult ComputerEase to the top of the list:

Our innovative, user-friendly product development sets us apart from the competition, but when you take our outstanding people and proven implementation process into account, it becomes clear that ComputerEase is second to none.


FieldEase is ComputerEase's Anywhere-to-Office Management solution! Have you ever left the office and then thought, I wish I had brought that report with me? Wouldn't it be nice if you could take care of that without going back to the office?

That's why FieldEase gives you live access to all your reporting data. With FieldEase, project managers can prepare timesheets, daily job logs and service work orders anytime, anywhere through any device with Internet access. This remote job-to-office software tool from ComputerEase works with iPad, iPhone, Android and more!

The latest release of the award-winning FieldEase software by ComputerEase has been rebuilt from the ground up. With a slick new design interface, FieldEase is now fully-optimized for all mobile platforms and up to 600% faster than it's ever been before.

With FieldEase, you always know where you and your company stand from anywhere at anytime!

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ProEst Estimating
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